7 Essential Web Hosting Features for Professional Services

Web Hosting Features

Almost all business people have their websites to offer services online. But what if people will not enjoy visiting your website. Creating an attractive website is not the only key to get more traffic. You have to be sure that it is working fine on the server. Slow loading time, repeated hacked files, server crashing, etc are seen often. This cuts down your customers. So, to avoid these things you must consider a good web host. 

There are many low-price hosting available to choose from. So, you have to consider several other factors to ensure the proper working of your website online. Because a good web host is equally vital as content and designing. 

You can find the best and cheap hosting in India like https://onohosting.com/ that provides security with your business needs. It ensures that your website stays online and helps your business to flourish. It protects your online reputation with constant technical support for any glitches. For choosing the right hosting solution for your business you must consider the following 7 features.

Features of Website Hosting

1. Loading speed

It is important that your website loads within 1.5 seconds. Because if it takes too long to load a web page, people leave the site. It is observed that most of the readers are lost if it takes 3 seconds. Also, Google uses page loading speed to rank your website. So, you must ensure that it does not take more than 1.5 seconds to load your web page. And you can reduce operating expenses by reducing loading time. 

2. Security

People only trust those sites which provide robust security. It is very vital that your website is secured from phishing attacks and hacking. So, make sure that your web host provides security from intrusion. Also, ensure that it provides SSL encryption and a strong firewall. 

3. Easy expansion

People generally choose shared web hosting in the beginning. You can expand or reduce your requirements as per your need. A good web host offers easy expansion. 

4. Backups

A website needs remote backups to secure its data from loss. Data on the server can be lost due to hardware failure or by accident. So, the backup can help you a lot to bring it back online with little disruption to your business operation. If a web host does not provide backup then it can cause great risk to your business. 

5. Uptime

The internet is a 24/7 market for customers. So, it is important that your website is available at all times. Failure to be online can make you lose your customers. A good web host offers an uptime of 99.9% or greater. It depends on the type of hosting you choose. 

6. Technical Support

While running a website, there comes a lot of issues. So, you must choose the web host that provides 24/7 technical support. Make sure that they have more than one means to contact. Quick response to issues is vital as a good web host. 

7. Easy monitoring 

The website’s control panel should be easy to use. So, you can easily navigate without wasting your time.